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Our periodical DISINFACTS offers you well-founded and practical information on special topics relating to hygiene and infection protection. The focus: new recommendations and regulations, studies and products, events and background knowledge on individual diseases and active ingredients. Some of these topics relevant to hygiene are explored in depth.

DISINFACTS Issue 2/2021

These are the topics of the latest DISINFACTS

Issue 2/2021

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Efficacy & co.: How to find the right disinfectant

Unfortunately, there is no ONE disinfectant for all cases. Many aspects play a role in the right product for a particular application. Not only must the spectrum of activity cover the target organisms, but the approval/registration of the product - e.g. hands vs. surfaces - must also be taken into consideration. In addition, properties such as odour, contact time and compatibility are also very important. Read here how to find the disinfectant that best suits your needs!


Hygiene in everyday life: A task for society as a whole

The COVID-19 pandemic has made hygiene an integral part of today's life, even in non-medical environments. Hygiene concepts and infection prevention have become topics that affect everyone, whether they like it or not: event organisers, theatres, restaurants, schools, day-care centres and many more. One of the most visible signs might be the numerous disinfectant dispensers that can now be found in almost all sanitary areas and public facilities. But how can we master the challenge of permanently establishing public awareness for infection prevention?


Bacillol® 30 Sensitive: surface disinfection with certified skin and respiratory compatibility

When developing the new Bacillol® 30 Sensitive as a foam and as a ready-to-use tissues, we focused particularly on customer wishes. With this product, we now offer you an even more powerful, easy and safe-to-use product that is also gentle on skin and materials. Find out more about its effectiveness, coverage per tissue, residue behaviour and cleaning performance, as well as its ECARF certification for skin and respiratory compatibility here.

First professional surface disinfectant with ECARF-certified allergy friendliness

Use surface disinfectants carefully. Always read the label and product information before use. 


Classification according to Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008. Bacillol® 30 Sensitive: Flammable Liquids Category 3 - H226: Flammable liquid and vapour. Eye Irritation, Category 2 - H319: Causes serious eye irritation.


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