Research for infection protection
DISINFACTS Issue 3/2017


These are the topics of the latest


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Research for hygiene and infection control

The knowledge about hygiene and infection control has virtually multiplied in recent years. Also HARTMANN and its BODE SCIENCE CENTER have contributed their intensive research. Important highlights: the shortened exposure time in surgical hand disinfection, the responsible rub-in method and hygienically optimised nursing activities.


From practice: Challenges of hygiene

Hygiene requirements continually increase – just as the demands on infection control practitioners. Bianca Bienmüller, infection control nurse for more than 20 years, describes how she tackles the current challenges and what motivates her most in her work.


Patient empowerment in hand hygiene

Studies and recommendations show: if patients are actively involved in hand hygiene, infection protection can be improved. DISINFACTS reports on what patient empowerment in hand hygiene means and what chances and risks it involves.