Research for infection protection
DISINFACTS Issue 2/2017


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Five hand hygiene highlights

20 years of the German DESINFACTS – 20 years of hand hygiene: from EURIDIKI guideline, the WHO “Clean Care is Safer Care” campaign to the new German KRINKO recommendation on hand hygiene – over the past 20 years, much has happened in hand hygiene. On the occasion of the anniversary, DISINFACTS introduces five special highlights.


Lunchtime Symposium: Hygiene against multidrug-resistant bacteria

How can antimicrobial resistance be prevented in a targeted manner? What can hygiene contribute? These questions were the main focus of the BODE SCIENCE CENTER’s Lunchtime Symposium in Berlin, Germany. One important approach to improved patient protection: new hygiene strategies that optimise work processes comprehensibly.


Accurately recording hand hygiene behaviour

From hand hygiene behaviour and compliance to reactivity – all these terms play a vital role in the research and observation of hand hygiene. In their recent overview study, Diefenbacher et al. introduce what is behind these terms and the advantages and disadvantages involved in the differing methods to measure compliance.