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DISINFACTS Issue 2/2016


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Issue 2/2016

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The Hand Hygiene Evolution Concept

The Hand Hygiene Evolution Concept

How can sustainable hand hygiene be achieved in hospitals? The Hand Hygiene Evolution Concept offers a new approach here. The programme has no one-time campaign character – its interrelated modules are rather implemented in daily routine. In doing so, the Concept starts from a hospital’s individual compliance level and step by step leads it to better hand hygiene.


Claudia Becker, specialist nurse for hospital hygiene

Experience with the Observe plus App

Optimising the compliance rate for nursing activities involving risk of infection: for this, St. Nikolaus-Stiftshospital Andernach, Germany relies on the Observe plus App, which is one of the modules of the Evolution Concept. In the interview, Claudia Becker, specialist nurse for hospital hygiene explains how her facility uses the digital App and reports on the experiences they gained.


Transmission of MRSA

Transmission of MRSA: risks due to frequently touched surfaces

What surfaces in patient and isolation rooms are most frequently contaminated with MRSA? That is the question Villamaria et al. investigated in their new study. Their aim was to better understand the transmission paths of the pathogens and, based on the insights gained, to identify consequences for necessary hygiene measures.