Research for infection protection
DISINFACTS Issue 1/2015


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Care of premature babies

The work in the intensive care unit for premature and newborn babies at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) brings new challenges every day. The care of the small patients demands highest levels of commitment from the staff – also in hygiene matters.


Disinfection measures in case of ebola fever

Which hygiene measures need to be taken when there are suspected or confirmed ebola fever cases? WHO and health authorities in different countries provide a clear answer: in order to prevent the spread of the dangerous virus when dealing with such cases, the institutions recommend applying targeted hand disinfection, surface disinfection and protective equipment measures.


Use of peracetic acid for cleaning flexible endoscopes

Some manufacturers recommend using products containing peracetic acid (PAA) as active ingredient for the cleaning of flexible endoscopes. However, a recent review of 243 publications on the use of PAA-based cleaners reveals: there is no evidence of PAA possessing an enhanced cleaning power, but of its protein-fixing effect.