Research for infection protection
DISINFACTS Issue 1/2013


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Hand hygiene: Every moment counts

PAUL HARTMANN AG and the BODE SCIENCE CENTER identified the most common barriers to hand disinfection and developed new innovative solutions. The initiative’s highlight: the “5 Moments E-Learning Tool”. Based on recommendations of WHO and Robert Koch-Institute and recent findings of learning and motivation research, the tool simulates specific nursing activities – and trains the right moments for hand disinfection at the same time.



Advantage in compliance through technology

Dispensers with sensor-controlled technology alone are able to increase the willingness to disinfect hands by more than 50 per cent. This is the unexpected outcome of a recent study of the University Hospital Aachen, Germany. DISINFACTS spoke with the head of the study, private lecturer Dr. med. Simone Scheithauer.


New study reveals: efficacy of surgical hand disinfectants that contain chlorhexidine is greatly overrated

The efficacy of chlorhexidine-containing Avagard CHG and Hibiclens, the two U.S. market-leading products for surgical hand disinfection, was proved to have been long overestimated. The results reinforce repeated concerns that some CHG-based products may not meet current FDA performance standards.