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Our periodical DISINFACTS offers you well-founded and practical information on special topics relating to hygiene and infection protection. The focus: new recommendations and regulations, studies and products, events and background knowledge on individual diseases and active ingredients. Some of these topics relevant to hygiene are explored in depth.

DISINFACTS Issue 3/2018

These are the topics of the latest DISINFACTS

Issue 3/2018
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Vertical and horizontal prevention strategies

Vertical or horizontal–what are the pros and cons of the two concepts to prevent nosocomial infections? A recent review explores this issue and offers a compact overview of the current state of research on these two strategies.


The Heidenheim Model for more patient protection

The Heidenheim Model for more patient protection

“Prevention is the best therapy”—that is the guiding principle of the Clinic Heidenheim which banks on a holistic concept for an improved protection against infection. The Heidenheim Model includes rapid PCR tests, individual antibiotic therapies and new research projects.


Detection of pathogens in patient rooms

Detection of pathogens in patient rooms

From chairs, bed frames to windowsills: surfaces in the patient surroundings are often colonised with pathogens that may trigger nosocomial infections. A study review shows what surfaces in patient rooms may be contaminated with clinically relevant pathogens.