Research for infection protection

Specialist advice

The HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER provides advice and information on infection protection

One of our special services for you:

The online pathogen search with around 100 clinically relevant germs listed A to Z

Find important information on clinically relevant pathogens at a glance – even beyond the “usual suspects” and including the respective spectrum of activity required for effective disinfection.

Simply enter the pathogen you are looking for or click the
A to Z list.

Offering a wide range of scientifically sound services, the HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER advises interested healthcare professionals on

  • Hygiene Management
  • Application of Products
  • Prevention Measures
  • Clinically Relevant Pathogens (see above)

The HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER assists users and – with its individual advisory services – makes a contribution to infection prevention. Banking on the long scientific expertise in infection protection and hygiene, providing specialist advice is one of our core services. In addition, the CENTER section offers you valuable and comprehensive information on practice-oriented topics and guidance to optimise hygiene management. In the MEDIA LIBRARY you will find our extensive download area.