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Publications 2012

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American Journal of Infection Control 40: 250-257.

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Journal of Hospital Infection 82: 298-299.

Kampf G (2012) “Persistent activity”– should the effect of chlorhexidine in the sampling fluid, nutrient broth and on agar plates really be regarded as the effect on hands?
American Journal of Infection Control 40: 579.

Kampf G (2012) Grenzfläche Wunde - Device: Wie groß ist das Risiko der mikrobiellen Kontamination und Übertragung?
WMW-Skriptum 5: 30-31.

Löffler H, Kampf G, Lachenmeier D, Diepgen TL, John SM (2012) Allergic or irritant contact dermatitis – that is the question
Contact Dermatitis 67: 386-387.

Kampf G (2012) How valid are the “persistent and residual antimicrobial properties” described by Beausoleil et al.?
Journal of Hospital Infection 82: 301-302.