Research for infection protection

Press Release

Life-threatening sepsis: World Hand Hygiene Day focuses on the third most common cause of death in Germany

Hamburg, 2 May 2018

  • In Germany, 185 people die of bloodstream infection every day
  • Each infection can trigger sepsis – improved hand hygiene can prevent up to a third of all infections acquired in...[more]

Lunchtime Symposium „Digital infection control: Enhancing patient protection by eHealth ”

Today, every second German uses digital health offers. And they have a large choice: around 259 000 apps are currently available. In hospitals, the number of digital solutions increases as well. But what contribution can eHealth...[more]

Renowned cooperation: Ulm University honours social psychological hand hygiene research

Heidenheim, July 2017. “University/Industry Cooperation Foundation Award” of the University of Ulm goes to social psychologist Prof. Dr. J. Keller for his cooperation with PAUL HARTMANN AG and the BODE SCIENCE CENTER.

Multidrug-resistant pathogens – each year, more than 10 000 infections preventable through hygiene alone

“We run into danger that our antibiotics are not effective enough anymore. If we do not act now, mortality due to infections will soon be as high as before the introduction of antibiotics,” Prof. Dr. Uwe Frank, Senior Hospital...[more]

Lunchtime Symposium „Pathogens resistant to antibiotics: new hygiene strategies along the patient journey”

Each year, every third nosocomial infection due to multidrug-resistant (MDR) pathogens could be prevented in Germany – this is the conclusion leading experts reached on 17 November in Berlin, Germany. On the occasion of the...[more]

Lunchtime Symposium “Healthy skin – better infection protection”

The BODE SCIENCE CENTER’s lunchtime symposium “Healthy skin – better infection protection. New findings on hand hygiene compliance” held in Berlin on 10 July 2015 introduced new findings on skin health, hand disinfection and...[more]


The innovative hand hygiene research of PAUL HARTMANN AG and its BODE SCIENCE CENTER was awarded the “M&K AWARD 2014”. M&K readers voted the campaign for improved compliance in hand hygiene first place in the...[more]

Lunchtime Symposium

The lunchtime symposium "Infections in hospitals and hand hygiene - new results from research lead to an improved protection against infections" (09.02.2012, Berlin) gave information from new research results about...[more]

Preventing infections by EHEC bacteria

Since mid-May, an increasing number of people have contracted bloody diarrhoea caused by the Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (E. coli)...[more]