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Renowned cooperation: Ulm University honours social psychological hand hygiene research

Prof. Dr. J. Keller, social psychologist at the University of Ulm, receives award for his successful cooperation with the BODE SCIENCE CENTER, competence center of the HARTMANN GROUP.
Prof. Dr. J. Keller, social psychologist at the University of Ulm

Heidenheim, July 2017. “University/Industry Cooperation Foundation Award” of the University of Ulm goes to social psychologist Prof. Dr. J. Keller for his cooperation with PAUL HARTMANN AG and the BODE SCIENCE CENTER.

At the University’s anniversary celebration on 21 July 2017, the University of Ulm for the first time awarded the “University/Industry Cooperation Foundation Award” to a project in the field of psychology – and thus acknowledged an innovative approach to research: since 2011, Prof. Dr. Johannes Keller, Head of Social Psychology, University of Ulm, has been doing research on the psychosocial causes of low hand hygiene compliance in German clinics.

The working group has received vigorous support by an industry hygiene expert: the BODE SCIENCE CENTER, which is the scientific centre of excellence of the HARTMANN GROUP. “The BODE SCIENCE CENTER not only sponsors our cooperation, it accompanies our studies from a business angle”, explains Prof. Keller. “The valuable input helps us translate the research results into precise procedures and intervention measures.”

Award-winning change in perspective: novel approaches in compliance research

Past efforts to improve hand hygiene compliance were often based on training and providing information. Prof. Keller and his colleagues looked at the issue from another perspective and investigated how empathy and unconscious attitudes influence hand hygiene compliance. The widely published results are the basis for new approaches to improve hand hygiene compliance – including new, camera-based measurement methods, intervention approaches and authentic behaviour scenarios for training as well as further empirical research projects.

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