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Lunchtime Symposium „Digital infection control: Enhancing patient protection by eHealth”

Today, every second German uses digital health offers. And they have a large choice: around 259 000 apps are currently available. In hospitals, the number of digital solutions increases as well. But what contribution can eHealth applications make to patient safety? This is the central question of BODE SCIENCE CENTER’s Lunchtime Symposium held on 12 October 2017 in Berlin, Germany.

Using the example of patients with kidney transplants, the research project MACSS (Medical Allround-Care Service Solutions) of Charité University Medicine Berlin demonstrates that especially chronically sick people can benefit from eHealth solutions.

The BODE SCIENCE CENTER takes aim at the most frequent, yet preventable complication in clinics: nosocomial infection. The e-learning programme and an eHealth app to observe hand hygiene behaviour shall improve hand hygiene, which is the most important individual measure to prevent nosocomial infection.

User surveys and experience reports from hospitals confirm that healthcare workers can better implement hygiene measures in daily routine when digital applications are used.

Learn more about how patients, but also attending physicians and infection control practitioners can benefit from eHealth solutions.

Our experts at the Lunchtime Symposium “Digital infection control: enhancing patient protection by eHealth”:

  • PD Dr. Urs-Vito Albrecht, Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics of Technical University of Braunschweig & Hanover Medical School (MHH), Germany
    “Totally digital: what can healthcare systems expect from the mega trend of eHealth?”

  • Prof. Dr. Klemens Budde, Campus Charité Mitte, University Medicine Berlin, Germany
    “App-timised patient protection: best possible care of chronically sick patients”

  • Dr. Heide Niesalla, BODE SCIENCE CENTER, Hamburg, Germany
    “Training, observing, communicating: eHealth in infection control”

  • Brigitte Rüstau, Medizin Campus Bodensee GmbH, Germany
    “Fully captured: how digital data motivate employees to perform hygiene”

Abstracts of the presentations, brief interviews and further information on the speakers:

PD Dr. med. Urs-Vito Albrecht
Abstract | Brief interview | CV [PDF files]

Prof. Dr. Klemens Budde

Abstract | Brief interview | CV  [PDF files]

Dr. Heide Niesalla
AbstractBrief interview | CV [PDF files]

Birgit Rüstau
AbstractBrief interview | CV [PDF files]


Infographics: Combatting infection with eHealth [PDF file]

Short profile: The BODE SCIENCE CENTER [PDF file]