Research for infection protection


Recognised with the “M&K AWARD 2014”

The innovative hand hygiene research of PAUL HARTMANN AG and its BODE SCIENCE CENTER was awarded the “M&K AWARD 2014”. M&K readers voted the campaign for improved compliance in hand hygiene first place in the “Laboratory & Hygiene” category.

The readers of “Management und Krankenhaus” – the leading German magazine for decision-makers in health care – recently nominated the hand hygiene campaign of PAUL HARTMANN AG and its BODE SCIENCE CENTER winner of the “M&K AWARD 2014”. Executives and decision-makers in the clinical field selected the concept under the motto “Every moment counts – hand disinfection in the right moment protects lives” in first place in the “Laboratory & Hygiene” category.

Evidence for practical research approach

HARTMANN and the BODE SCIENCE CENTER lined up with three campaign elements to improve compliance in hand hygiene: the “5 Moments E-Learning Tool”, checklists for ideal placement of dispensers and attention-grabbing dispensers in signal colours.

The BODE SCIENCE CENTER could confirm all campaign elements with latest results from research and science. For example, the dispenser checklists were developed on the basis of the WHO guidelines; studies revealed that dispensers in signal colours improve awareness of hand hygiene; and the e-learning tool is based on recent findings from learning research.

The hand hygiene campaign eliminates major barriers to compliance: the lack of hand disinfectants, lack of awareness of hand disinfection and the difficulty of recognising the right moment for hand disinfection in daily routine.

Until the end of November 2013, more than 30 000 readers of M&K could, for the first time, vote on the most innovative medical products and services. An independent judging panel including representatives of the German Association for Hospital Hygiene (DGKH) and Heidelberg University Hospital made a preselection in five categories for the readers to vote a winner. The winners were published in the latest M&K issue (1/2 2014).

The honouring of the hand hygiene campaign encourages PAUL HARTMANN AG and the BODE SCIENCE CENTER to continue their successful, consistent user-oriented research for improved infection control.

E-Learning, checklists and dispensers in signal colours: the campaign for improved compliance with hand hygiene.