DISINFACTS | Issue 3/2020

12 COMPETENCE Is less more? Application time for hygienic hand disinfection: time of 15 seconds [1]. In addition, the evidence in the professional literature not only suggests that an application time of 15 seconds can increase the frequency and the compliance rate. Current studies also show that adequate efficacy can be achieved within a 15-second application time [2, 3, 4, 5]. The test standards require that manufacturers conduct tests with a very large safety margin. This is also reasonable. But this does not mean that alcohol-based hand rubs are not effective if the exposure times are shortened. It The ASH clean hands initiative is an effort by the Institute of Hygiene at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin to achieve the greatest possible compliance with hand hygiene in the German healthcare system. A shortening of the application time for hygienic hand disinfection could be helpful here. This has been demonstrated in published studies that examined how often staff disinfected their hands and measured corresponding compliance with prior implementation of an application 15 instead of 30 seconds? A halving of the application time of alcohol-based hand rubs for hygienic hand antisepsis has been a topic of debate for some time now in professional publications and at international trade meetings. Form your own opinion about the discussion by reading below: Dr Tobias Kramer, Coordinator of ' Aktion Saubere Hände (ASH) '* ( ' clean hands initiative ' - a nationwide campaign based on the World Health Organization’s campaign Clean Care is Safer Care to improve hand hygiene compliance in German healthcare institutions at one of Europe's largest university hospitals, Charité, Universitätsmedizin Berlin) explains why he is in favour of a shorter application time. Dr Erika Mönch, Head of Microbiology at BODE Chemie in Hamburg, explains the situation from the manufacturer's perspective. 30 s 15 s Application time for hygienic hand disinfection European Standard (EN) EN1500:2013 Dr Tobias Kramer, Charité Berlin 'The important thing is that the hands are frequently disinfected.' 15 seconds! * The 'Aktion Saubere Hände (ASH)' is explained in detail on page 21