DISINFACTS | Issue 2/2020

3. Billions of uses Each year about 3 billion hand disinfections are carried out using Sterillium products. On average only 45 instances of skin irritation as a side effect are reported to us. That is one report for 66 million applications. 4. Worldwide availability We want to make hand disinfectants available in less developed countries because hygiene can make an important contribution to health. BODE Chemie therefore takes professional hygiene to the most remote corners of the world. Sterillium is now available in over 50 countries. 5. Expert information In terms of marketing, Sterillium sets its own course right from the start: the priority is not simply sales but rather providing information. We want to share knowledge and change behaviour. Since 2012 the BODE SCIENCE CENTER has represented our research and training expertise and is the point of contact for everyone who needs expert information or wants to make a professional contribution. 2010 – Two in one Sterillium med is based on ethanol, while also including the Sterillium skin care complex. 2015 – Standard of the research Sterillium is the most scientifically studied hand disinfectant in the world. 2018 – Always ready to use Sterillium Protect & Care, a comprehensive pharmacy range for home and travel, is introduced. 2019 – Particularly gentle Sterillium pure based on propanol is free of fragrance and colourants but contains the proven Sterillium skincare complex. 5 Use disinfectants carefully. Always read the label and product information before use. COMPETENCE DISINFACTS 2/20 page 5