DISINFACTS | Issue 2/2020

GimMe Five! Always going ahead for you The sustained drive to innovate meant that Sterillium became the blue classic with 55 years of market dominance. Today, Sterillium is synonymous with hand disinfectants. Five advantages that make Sterillium unique: 1. Reliable quality On the journey from raw material to the finished product, Sterillium is accompanied by a number of service providers and suppliers: all partners with whom BODE Chemie collaborates, in some cases, for decades. This guarantees reliability and uniformly high quality standards. 2. Outstanding skin compatibility The skin compatibility of the Sterillium products has been demonstrated in international studies and confirmed in case studies. It is important for user acceptance and thus also for compliance. 1965 – Pioneer achievement Sterillium is the first marketable alcohol‑based hand disinfectant worldwide. It redefines hand disinfection and becomes one of the most successful disinfectants worldwide in just a few years. 1995 – First on the RKI list Viral infections are on the rise. With Sterillium Virugard, the first hand disinfectant that is effective against viruses, BODE has created yet another innovation. Sterillium Virugard is the first hand disinfectant on the RKI list (scope A + B). 2003 – No fragrance or colourants Sterillium classic pure is introduced as one of the first hand disinfectants without colourants or fragrance. BODE becomes the market leader in the disinfectant market in Germany with more than a 50 per cent market share. 2005 – First time-saver Sterillium is approved as the first hand disinfectant for surgical hand disinfection with a shortened application time (1.5 instead of 3 minutes!). On 4 June 1965 the first bottles of Sterillium rolled off the production line. Since then, you have always been able to rely on the classic disinfectant. The Sterillium success story is not over by any means if the innovations of the last few years are anything to go by. COMPETENCE 55 years Sterillium ® – always at your side! DISINFACTS 2/20 page 4