DISINFACTS | Issue 2/2020

Dispenser on the patient bed To ensure high hand hygiene compliance, disinfectant dispensers should be located where they are needed: at the point of care (PoC) next to the patient. BODE has specifically developed its Eurodispenser 3 flex as a PoC dispenser. The flexible mounting of the Eurodispenserer 3 flex means that disinfectants can be easily placed on a trolley or the patient bed: Sterillium will become a constant companion and is now readily available at all times. To make patients and visitors aware of the importance of hand hygiene, educational films were also integrated into the infotainment systems in the ‘patient room of the future’ (see below). KNOWLEDGE Patients and visitors in hospitals often have little information about the issue of infection prevention and transmission routes. It is therefore quite difficult to motivate them to implement disinfection measures. BODE wants to change this with its three educational stop-motion films of 30 to 45 seconds each. The video clips are available in German and aim to educate patients and visitors, showing them how to correctly use hand disinfectant. The films can be shown in the entry areas of hospitals and also in waiting rooms – for example, in front of wards with patients requiring particular care (intensive care units, neonatal units, …). Hospitals can also integrate the videos into the infotainment system available at the patient bed. One topic for each film Each of the three films answers an important question about the topic of hand hygiene. The first video clip deals with why. The message to viewers is that hand disinfection prevents the transmission of microorganisms. And you can also play a part and protect your relatives and other patients. The second video explains the right time for hand disinfection: in which situations is disinfecting hands at all useful? Viewers will learn to disinfect their hands at the right moment to be able to effectively lower the likelihood of transferring microorganisms. How hands are correctly disinfected is shown in the third video: the audience will learn that it is important to use enough disinfectant (3 millilitres!) and to completely cover the hands, particularly the fingertips and thumbs, and to disinfect for 30 seconds. BODE explains hand disinfection Films for patients and visitors Watch the 3 videos at: www.bode-science-center.com in the ‘Service’ section Why? How? BODE uses three short films to motivate patients and visitors to implement hand hygiene. Each video clip answers an important question about the topic of hand hygiene: Why? When? How? When? DISINFACTS 2/20 page 23