DISINFACTS | Issue 2/2020

EDITORIAL 03 KNOWLEDGE Global risk: Emerging infectious diseases 07 Preliminary findings: teachings from the coronavirus pandemic 08 Influenza season 2019/2020: Milder than previous years 09 Countering the ‘infodemic’: Handling fake news the right way 12 Patient room of the future: Room planning against infections 22 PEOPLE & PERSPECTIVES Florence Nightingale: 200 years old and still relevant 18 FORUM World Hand Hygiene Day: HARTMANN joins in 06 Improved overview: BODE SCIENCE CENTER website 21 INTERVIEW Production at BODE around the clock: Day and night Sterillium ® 10 Personal protective equipment: Which mask for which purpose? 14 CLINIC Mask shortage: Repeated use now permitted 16 Putting on and removing PPE: The correct order is critical 17 International hygiene initiatives: CLEAN HOSPITALS 20 COMPETENCE 55 years of Sterillium: GimMe Five! 04 When vaccines and treatments are not available, prevention is more than ever the method of choice: systematic hygiene can effectively prevent infections – this is as true now in light of emerging infectious diseases as it was when Florence Nightingale was pioneering hygiene measures. Hygiene: still the be-all and end-all DISINFACTS 2/20 page 2