DISINFACTS | Issue 2/2020

INTERVIEW Day and night Sterillium ® Production at BODE now around the clock At BODE Chemie in Hamburg, we are keeping the wheels turning to ensure that during the COVID-19 pandemic you still have access to a reliable disinfectant with the Sterillium quality you have come to rely on. Dr Gian Carlo Sciuchetti, Managing Director, BODE Chemie GmbH and Division Head Disinfection, HARTMANN, explains the measures we have implemented to respond to the current challenges. Dr Sciuchetti, there has been a sudden and dramatic increase in the need for disinfectants. Were you prepared for this? We know from experience that in times of epidemics, the need for disinfectants rises sharply. We responded promptly to this increase in demand. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have greatly expanded our production capacities. Our production is now working seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We are working special shifts and in this way are trying to satisfy the enormous demand. We are aware that our products have a high degree of social relevance, particularly in times such as these in which public health is threatened globally. We stand by our social responsibility and will continue to supply our customers at fair prices in order to support healthcare professionals and patients in infection prevention. We will be focusing on the sensitive areas in healthcare and preferentially supply hospitals, nursing homes, medical practices and the newly established COVID-19 centres. In the retail sector, disinfectants are in some cases being offered at excessively inflated prices. What does BODE think about this? To be completely transparent: there is a recommended retail price for all our products. However, we do not have any direct influence on the retail sector and their price policies. At BODE and our parent company HARTMANN, we are not involved in any way in these hyperinflated prices. We are also working together with Amazon and eBay to closely monitor products offered on these platforms. If our products are offered at inappropriate prices, we have the offers deleted and take legal action. The current crisis is leading to rising prices for raw materials. Is the composition of the products changing as a result? No. The increase in raw material prices is nevertheless a major challenge for us. However, it will in no way affect the formulation of the products. We make no compromises on our product quality and safety. To be able to maintain our increased production capacity, it may be that our products appear in slightly different packaging, such as with new lids, in new bottles or even in new sizes. ‘We stand by our social responsibility and will continue to supply our customers at fair prices.’ DISINFACTS 2/20 page 10