DISINFACTS | Issue 1/2021

5 References: Anforderungen an die Hygiene bei Punktionen und Injektionen Empfehlung der Kommission für Krankenhaushygiene und Infektionsprävention beim Robert Koch- Institut (RKI) Bundesgesundheitsbl 2011·54:1135–1144 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Administration. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/hcp/admin/admin-protocols.html, accessed 14.01.2021 Disinfect work surface with a pre-soaked wipe Hygienic hand disinfection Do not touch disinfected area Adhere to the recommended exposure time Compress injection site and apply adhesive dressing Inject vaccines only through completely dried skin 2 5 6 8 7 Vaccines must not come into contact with skin antiseptics. 1 Apply skin antiseptic Remove and discard gloves 9 4 Don gloves 3 Hygienic hand disinfection 10 HYGIENIC VACCINATION: HOW TO GET IT RIGHT? ! Hygiene measures during vaccine administration The importance of SOP compliance Be it against whooping cough, influenza or COVID-19, the purpose of vaccinations is to protect the vaccinated person and the community against infectious diseases. However, like any invasive procedure, they can carry a small risk of infection, especially at the site where the needle enters the skin. Ensuring that all steps are carried out under strict hygienic conditions is enough to prevent this risk of pathogens on the skin or surfaces from getting into close contact with the vaccinated person‘s tissue. Step-by-step injection guide The ‘Hygienic Vaccination’ SOP aims to clearly and carefully guide you through the process of vaccine administration. Thanks to our graphic overview, you can quickly see which materials are needed at which stage and what can be done to avoid common mistakes PRACTICE The ‘Hygienic Vaccination’ SOP is also available to download from our website at http://bit.ly/hygienic_vaccination