DISINFACTS | Issue 1/2021

3 Editorial Dear readers, ‘April showers bring May flowers’, goes the well-known proverb. We are now just ahead of schedule. The first thing that you may have already noticed while browsing through the current edition of DISINFACTS is our overhauled layout. A new logo, revamped font, bolder colours and rounded elements in place of the old square ones. Please take it as a sign of our optimism that we will keep tackling the coronavirus crisis – with solid determination and a bright look to the future, full of fresh ideas! The second innovation that I can reveal to you already is that our BODE SCIENCE CENTER will be getting a new name this year. You can find it on page 20. But first, let us turn to the past by acknowledging a successful decade of the BODE SCIENCE CENTER and paying tribute to Max von Pettenkofer, Germany‘s first hygiene expert who died 120 years ago. After a quick glance at the past, we take a gaze at the present. To help you make sense of these challenging times, our team at DISINFACTS gathered all relevant knowledge on SARS- CoV-2, COVID-19 and the vaccines, as well as added helpful information on influenza vaccination, Avian Influenza and West Nile virus. I wish you an insightful read. Stay healthy! Dr. Henning Mallwitz Research & Development Director