DISINFACTS | Issue 1/2021

KNOWLEDGE DISINFACTS is published on behalf of BODE Chemie GmbH – a company of the HARTMANN GROUP, Hamburg www.bode-science-center.de www.hartmann.info Editorial Office: BODE SCIENCE CENTER Text: Dr. Julia Dittmann, Arnd Petry Design: Beling Agentur für visuelle Kommunikation, Hamburg Printed by: Kabel Druck, Hamburg Events scheduled for 2021 (as of April) 0 863071 P DISINFACTS 01/21 Here we will inform you if there are changes to the above events at short notice. https://www.bode-science-center.com/service/event-calendar.html Let’s have a conversation! Photo credits: Title: IStockphoto; p. 2/3: IStockphoto; p. 4/5: IStockphoto, Beling Garfikdesign; p. 6/7: Beling Gra- fikdesign; p. 9: Marco Grundt Fotografie.; p. 10: BODE Chemie; p.11: DRK Stuttgart/ Michael Paul; p . 12: Die Woche 3, no. 7 [1901], shelf mark 4″ Ad 635, Berlin State Library Prussian Cultural Herita - ge; p.13: IStockphoto; 14/15: iStockphoto; p. 18/19: Gettyimages; p. 20/21: BODE Chemie GmbH; P. 22/23: Marco Grundt Fotografie You can find HARTMANN and BODE SCIENCE CENTER team at various congresses and conferences,even during the COVID 19 pandemic. We plan to attend the following (virtual) events and look forward to exchanging ideas with you! Event Date Venue Online ICPIC 14.-17.09. Geneva, Switzerland HYBRID https://conference.icpic.com/?utm_source=Digital Marketing&utm_medium=email