DISINFACTS | Issue 1/2021

16 PRACTICE Looking towards the future with a new name 10 years of BODE SCIENCE CENTER This year, the BODE SCIENCE CENTER (BSC) celebrates its tenth anniversary with a new name! Dr Heide Niesalla, head of the BSC, reflects on the past and ventures into the future under the name of HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER . ‘The planned renaming of the BSC aimed to acknowledge the gradual merger of BODE Chemie GmbH into the HARTMANN GROUP. However, this change does not affect our work and scientific orientation in any way. We will continue to follow the path we have taken so successfully over the past ten years. Our claim ‘We research for infection protection’ sets the direction. Its importance is particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic: with our knowledge transfer and expert advice through our contact point, we help to ensure that our disinfection products are used correctly by sharing our knowledge and providing expert advice. For instance, with the development of posters and infographics, we support implementing hygiene measures when vaccinating and carrying out antigen tests. Personally, this is what makes the work at the BSC so unique and exciting: the diverse tasks with high relevance for infection prevention and patient safety. This is demonstrated by our successful collaborations with academic, clinical or industrial partners, where we have worked on providing concrete solutions for infection control. For me, these are the highlights of our work. These include studies with the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf, the Charité, the University of Ulm and the Heidenheim Clinic, published jointly. Other projects include the development of the hygiene apps ‚Observe‘ and ‘My Hygiene SOP’. These apps reflect how important electronic media have become for us: we still print the DISINFACTS magazine, however, since last year, we have also decided to publish it in a digital format. In addition, our customers can always find the current information on the BSC website. There are also regular email newsletters and eLaerning tools that include relevant training content. In addition to our professional and scientific expertise, the key to our success is the extensive and direct exchange of knowledge with experts from the field and with our customers. This is the foundation on which we will continue to build in the future and which we want to expand! ‘I have used the BSC many times. It has always worked very well: I received answers promptly and was always glad to have someone I could ask quickly, even with particular questions’. Heiko Noffke, Hygiene Specialist, Friesland Clinics GmbH, Sande ’We have appreciated BODE‘s scientific service for years and use the BSC on a case-bycase basis, for example, in the event of a skin problem during hand disinfection. In a way, DISINFACTS is part of our technical literature’. Torsten Germeier, Hygiene specialist, Roland Clinic GmbH, Bremen ‘My first point of contact is HARTMANN‘s sales force. However, I prefer to use the BSC website. It‘s great and you can always find a meaningful answer quickly’. Insa Sinteck-Albrecht Purchasing and Logistics, Wilhelmshaven Clinic GmbH Sources: 1 Kampf et al. (2013) Improving patient safety during insertion of peripheral venous catheters: an observational intervention study. GMS Hygiene and Infection Control 2013; 8(2):DOC18 2 Kampf et al.(2014) Effective reprocessing of reusable dispensers for surface disinfection tissues – the devil is in the details. GMS Hyg Infect Control 2014;9(1):Doc09 3 Diefenbacher et al. (2019) A quasi-randomized controlled before-after study using performance feedback and goal setting as elements of hand hygiene promotion. J Hosp Infect 2019. pii: S0195-6701(19)30059-3 4 Aghdassi et al. (2020) A multimodal intervention to improve hand hygiene compliance in peripheral wards of a tertiary care university centre: a cluster randomised controlled trial. Antimicrob Resist Infect Control (2020) 18;9(1):113 Feedback: Das sagen unsere Kunden Research for infection protection