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Disinfecting surfaces more efficiently with extra-large disposable tissues

Economic use of products and working hours plays a big part in surface disinfection. Hence, ready-to-use disposable tissues become increasingly popular for the disinfection of near-patient surfaces. To disinfect larger surfaces it is advisable to use large disposable tissues – they enable disinfection with one single wipe and in one single step.

There are a huge range of ready-to-use disinfection wipes available on the market. When selecting the right product, you should consider the following:

Use of the wipes

  • Tissues of normal and smaller sizes are well suitable for the disinfection of small surfaces, e.g. toilet seats, bedframes, doorknobs and bedside tables.
  • Large tissues are the perfect solution for larger surfaces: patient stretchers, surgical and X-ray tables, wheelchairs/walking frames, surfaces in ambulances. The benefit: also larger surfaces require only one wipe and one workstep.

Microbiological activity

  • The tissues should possess extensive and fast activity and be attuned to the risk potential and material.

Material properties

  • Chose disinfection wipes with a material that does not show any adsorption, for example polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These wipes completely release the active ingredients to the surface to be disinfected. In contrast, many other fibres adsorb active ingredients in disinfectants and do not release them. They are like magnets due to negative charges on their surface. The consequence: disinfection wipes lose their activity.

Advantages of ready-to-use disposable wipes:

  • No reprocessing: no preparation of disinfection solutions necessary; no risk of underdosage or overdosage; no risk of skin irritation by handling concentrates; no risk of contamination of wipes dispensers due to deficient reprocessing.
  • Flexibility: coming in a handy packaging, the wipes can be stored even in confined areas and are available where needed.
  • Convenience: particularly large disposable tissues are handy and ensure user-friendly handling.

Corresponding product recommendations you will find under BODE.

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