Research for infection protection

Surface Hygiene

Clinically relevant pathogens often persist on inanimate surfaces for weeks or even months. Hence, in healthcare settings, cleaning disinfection of surfaces is part of the multi-barrier system for preventing nosocomial infection. Proper risk assessment is the basis for applying disinfection procedures. Here, focus is on those surfaces that are directly touched by personnel and patients/residents or are exposed to frequent contamination.

Recommendation for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

Hygiene requirements for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
Recommendation of the commission for hospital hygiene and infection prevention at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Bundesgesundheitsbl 2004
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Handling alcohol-based surface disinfectants
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Application times for surface disinfectants

In surface disinfection, exposure times and concentrations depend on the risk assessment and the manufacturers’ instructions. For high-risk areas, for example operating theatres, recommendations state an application time of at...[more]

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