Research for infection protection

Skin Antisepsis

Invasive procedures such as injections, punctures or surgeries penetrate the skin’s natural protective barrier, allowing microorganisms to enter deeper skin layers and cavities and trigger infections there. Systematic skin antisepsis reduces the risk of microorganisms entering the body and thus the risk of infection.

Recommendations on skin antisepsis

Hygienic demands when performing punctures or giving injections.

Recommendations of the Commission for Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control at the Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) –
Bundesgesundheitsbl 07.09. 2011, 54:1135-1144

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Spray or wipe disinfection in skin antisepsis

Punctures and injections, which rank among the most frequent invasive measures in health care, penetrate the skin’s natural protective measure, allowing microorganisms on the skin to enter deeper skin layers and trigger abscesses...[more]

Preoperative skin antisepsis

When disinfecting surgical sites in operating theatres with a coloured skin antiseptic, it should be considered that
the incision might need to be extended or placed at another location the disinfected area is large enough for...[more]