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enveloped viruses

African Swine Fever-Virus
(enveloped virus)



The surface of enveloped viruses is covered with glycoproteins. These offer points of attack for external influences..

The African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) is an enveloped virus of the Asfarviridae family. Domestic and wild pigs suffer from the notifiable animal disease. Animals affected by ASF show severe but unspecific symptoms which are difficult to distinguish clinically from classical swine fever. 
The diagnosis is based on the detection of viral antigens or ASF-specific antibodies in the blood. 

ASFV can spread very rapidly, especially the blood of infected animals is highly infectious. 
Transmission takes place directly from animal to animal and indirectly via contaminated objects and materials. The latter poses particular epidemiological risks, since the viruses reach ASF-free areas via this transmission route. This has led to an increase in outbreaks of the disease in Eastern European countries. 

Since ASFV cannot be transmitted to humans, the disease is harmless to us. 

» Necessary spectrum of antimicrobial activity
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