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World Sepsis Day on 13 September 2020: #PreventSepsis – #SaveLives!

Sepsis: Number 1 of preventable causes of death

Sepsis is the most frequent lethal course of infectious diseases worldwide – among them, not only bacterial infections but also those caused by viruses, fungi and parasites. 

Between 47 and 50 million people contract sepsis annually and at least 11 million people die of it. This means that, every year, the number of deaths corresponds approximately to the number of inhabitants of Haiti, Jordan, the Czech Republic or Greece! In Germany, sepsis is the third most frequent cause of death – even before a heart attack.

Action day for more attention to sepsis

Despite these alarming figures, there is still too little action taken to prevent sepsis. That is why the World Sepsis Day (WSD) has been taking place annually since 2012 on 13 September, initialised and organised by the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA). On this day, events in all parts of the world raise awareness for sepsis. This is especially important in 2020 as in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic the attention to other diseases drops considerably for obvious reasons. Even so, sepsis still is the most frequent preventable cause of death. And a SARS-CoV-2 infection itself also often leads to sepsis in the case of a severe course.

Take part in the World Sepsis Day!

Even if the World Sepsis Day 2020 is organised somewhat differently than usual due to the pandemic situation, the action day once again wants to raise awareness of the subject of sepsis to millions of people. Maybe there is even a chance in the current situation – that is to say, to reach EVEN MORE people by means of virtual offers!

If you want to participate, you can use the World Sepsis Day website as a source of inspiration for possible online and social media activities. Moreover, the GSA also provides numerous materials for downloading free of charge in the Toolkit area: the new sepsis information sheet, clips of awareness for sepsis, infographics, posters, stickers and much more.

Let us celebrate the World Sepsis Day 2020 together:

  • Also embed the video “What is sepsis? – Sepsis explained in 3 minutes” in your website or share it on social media
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  • Just like us, use @WorldSespisDay on your social media posts as well as the hashtags #WorldSepsisDay, #StopSepsis and/or #SaveLives

What is Sepsis - Explained in 3 Minutes by GSA

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Infographic:  World Sepsis Day 13/9/2020

World Sepsis Day 13/9/2020
Sepsis: #1 preventable cause of death




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Prevent sepsis

It is the aim of the action day to prevent sepsis through informing and raising awareness and to prevent cases of death. Because the easiest way to prevent sepsis is by preventing infections!

Vaccinations, clean water, hand hygiene, safe delivery and more awareness for the disease. All these factors help to avert sepsis.

Hand hygiene: Targeted interventions for a better compliance

With reference to hand hygiene and septicemia (Blutstrominfektionen = BSI), an intervention study of the Charité Berlin with active participation of the BODE SCIENCE CENTER now showed interesting results. It showed that intervention material focusing on aseptic activities (Euro dispenser 3 flex on all infusion stands, HARTMANN Standard Operating Procedures with integrated hygiene relevant steps, training films as well as Observe App) effectively contributes to an improved hand hygiene behaviour before aseptic activities. In this indication, the compliance of the intervention group improved significantly and the total rate of septicaemia per 1,000 patient days was with 0.71 also considerably lower in the intervention group than in the control group with 1.16.

Infographic: Improving hand hygiene compliance before aseptic tasks

Infographic: Improving hand hygiene compliance before aseptic tasks




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