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Safe medical care for everyone: 17 September 2020 is World Patient Safety Day

Since 2015, the Aktionsbündnis Patientensicherheit e.V. (Patient safety action group, APS) in Germany has organised the World Patient Safety Day to provide patients and healthcare professionals with comprehensive information on safe patient care. The day of action, which is also promoted by the  World Health Organization (WHO), takes place annually in September. Numerous events and activities in various areas of healthcare are offered on this day – each with the ultimate goal of increasing patient safety awareness among patients and employees alike. The theme of this year’s day of action is “No one should be harmed in health care”.

What changes will the coronavirus pandemic bring to World Patient Safety Day?

Due to the exceptional situation, many of the traditional event formats, such as an open day or face-to-face events, will not take place as usual. Therefore, the APS encourages interested organisations to consider creative alternatives for participation, e.g., virtual events or consulting sessions. Join in and show that patient safety is an essential issue for you and your institution! As usual, the German Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) is also supporting the day of action, and for the first time this year, it will provide free brochures and leaflets.

Patient empowerment: Contributing to safety to avoid neglecting your own health for fear of infection

As we were overtaken by the dynamic development of the pandemic in early spring and closely followed disturbing reports and pictures from other countries, many people became so afraid that they hardly wanted to leave their own home. As serious as the situation was and still is, patients’ health in other areas must not be jeopardised by the pandemic – emergency patients, those who are acutely or chronically ill must not be neglected. Therefore, the APS calls on patients not to endanger their own health because of fear of contracting SARS-CoV-2, but to continue to go to the doctor’s office or hospital if they are in pain or feel unwell. Patients are not helplessly exposed to the current situation, as they can contribute a lot to their own safety and that of others during this time. For instance, by understanding, acknowledging and actively implementing important hygiene measures, such as hand hygiene. For this purpose, it is important that they are specifically involved and informed in the interests of patient empowerment

At HARTMANN and the BODE SCIENCE CENTER, we naturally support the messages of the day of action and do so by contributing to patient empowerment with training films and our HARTMANN evolution concept for hand hygiene.

Employee safety is patient safety: paying attention to stress levels of employees

The fact that infection prevention alone is not enough to protect the many healthcare workers has become evident in recent month, particularly in severely affected regions where employees not only felt burdened by the risk of infection but were also severely traumatised in some cases. For example, because they had to make decisions that pushed them to their psychological limits or because they were under constant stress physically. To be able to better support employees in the future and maintain the efficiency of the health care system, researchers from RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, Charité, the Vienna Hospital Association and Mannheim University of Applied Sciences have developed a recommendation publication about reinforcing clinicians' resilience and supporting "second victims"

“Second victims“ is the term used to describe medical professionals who become victims themselves because they suffer trauma in connection with patient care. It is currently assumed that the term applies to a considerable number of people during the coronavirus pandemic!

Therefore, the recommended course of action shows how resilience and long-term performance of professionals can be sustainably promoted. In doing so, it also makes a positive contribution to patient safety and to the survival chances of many patients – during the pandemic, but also beyond –  as employee safety always is patient safety and vice versa!

Mission: Infection prevention

In keeping with the goals of the World Patient Safety Day, HARTMANN is using this special day as an opportunity to launch the awareness campaign Mission: Infection Prevention, which will go online on 17 September 2020 on (live and available as of 17.09.2020). We are building on our many years of expertise in various areas of infection management and taking the step from manufacturers to providers of comprehensive solutions and partner in the joint fight against infections. Since comprehensive infection control is our mission, we are doing everything we can to make the work of medical and care professionals as easy as possible, for instance, with digital solutions such as the My Hygiene SOP App or predictive software for early diagnosis of infections. On the platform, you will find extensive information about our mission, the Clean Hospitals initiative and other important topics. In addition, you can learn more about the reasons for the mission in the Mission: Infection Prevention trailer.

Infographic: Safe medical care for everyone

Infographic: Safe medical care for everyone




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