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Robert Koch-Institute updates recommendations on controlling Clostridium difficile

The Robert Koch-Institute (RKI) has updated its guide on Clostridium difficile for Germany and has adapted the recommendations in the “Fact sheets for physicians” on daily wipe disinfection to the current state of scientific knowledge. For surface disinfection, the federal authority recommends using oxygen-releasing products based on peroxide compounds. This also includes products based on magnesium monoperoxyphthalate hexahydrate (MMPP).

In addition, the recommendations on hand hygiene in case of the occurrence of Clostridium difficile have been concretised. For example, the guide states that “due to the spores being resistant to alcohol-based hand disinfectants, an additional handwash is recommended, especially before preparing food/tube feeding. For this, hands are disinfected first. Afterwards, the (dry) hands are thoroughly washed and dried. All other guidelines on hand disinfection procedures before treating (other) patients remain unaffected.”

Please click here to read the updated RKI guide – Fact sheets for physicians, Clostridium difficile; last update: 17 August 2011 (in German language).