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Year by year, the World Health Organization (WHO) celebrates the World Hand Hygiene Day on May 5. The overall goal of the campaign SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands is to raise global awareness of the importance of hand hygiene in healthcare and to motivate all healthcare workers to support this aim. The annual global campaign was initiated in 2009, and the number of healthcare facilities registered for the campaign has grown steadily since then. This year’s campaign focuses particularly on the point of care. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, clean hands at the point of care are now more important than ever. 

All around the world, healthcare workers are particularly close to their patients at the point of care. In order to provide treatment or care, they have to touch them many times. Hand disinfection at the point of care plays a major role in preventing the transmission of pathogens and helps to protect your patients. Keeping your hands clean is your responsibility to ensure patient safety and help saving lives.


5 moments for hand hygiene

At the point of care, there are numerous situations – summarised in 5 crucial moments – in which patients are particularly exposed to the risk of pathogen transmission. These 5 moments take place directly where patients and healthcare workers get close to each other. Hand disinfection in these 5 moments can effectively prevent the risk of transmitting pathogens with your hands. Take these seconds to set your focus at the point of care!







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In order to facilitate hand hygiene compliance at the point of care, hand-rub dispensers should be placed exactly where needed. Take a look at the patient room of the future which takes this aspect into account. The importance of good access to dispensers was also shown in a study that used a multimodal intervention package including attention to dispenser placement. The intervention significantly increased the hand hygiene compliance before aspetic tasks and decreased the rate of bloodstream infections compared to the control group.


HARTMANN supports activities around the World Hand Hygiene Day 2021: Get involved too!

To help you get involved and learn even more about hand hygiene, HARTMANN provides you with various materials and actions. 

Get active and mark YOUR FOCUS sites at the point of care. HARTMANN provides stickers – of course residue-free and removable at any time – that you can use to place reminders for hand disinfection. You can stick them, for example, on hand-rub dispensers, in the patient's environment or wherever you consider a reminder useful. 

HARTMANN also offers flyers and folders that you can share with your colleagues and coworkers and posters that you can put up in staff and social rooms.


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You can also test your knowledge about situations in which hand disinfection is needed. Play our online game:

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