Research for infection protection

SARS-CoV-2: The AHA effect for summer holidays and the start of school

Even though the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in Germany has since become comparatively mild, the AHA formula will certainly be around with us for a long time to come. The AHA formula – something now familiar to all Germans – stands for physical distancing (German: Abstand), hygiene (German: Hygiene) and face masks (German: Alltagsmasken). These measures are intended to prevent or limit new outbreaks even as restrictions relax. And hopes are high that these measures will get us safely through the summer months. Of course, this assumes that the summer holidays don’t make everyone lose their heads and that they maintain the changes to their own behaviour even when travelling. Along with physical distancing and face masks, good hand hygiene remains absolutely essential – both at home and when on holiday. Particularly when travelling, running water and soap are not always available, which is why a hand disinfectant with limited spectrum of virucidal activity of activity should always be packed (and kept on hand!). As an additional measure, certain surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected, particularly high-touch areas such as door handles or grab poles, light switches, toilet seats and taps.

Where can we go for our holidays?

Since mid-June, German travelers are permitted to take their holidays in a number of EU and Schengen countries in principle, but current developments may change this at any time. Countries outside the EU and Schengen area may be potential holiday destinations in the coming weeks or from the end of August. Current information about which countries can be visited again and where there are still restrictions due to coronavirus is always available at the website of the German Foreign Office and German Federal Government. Travelers should inform themselves in detail about the current situation in the destination country, also regarding any quarantine requirements, not only when making bookings but also immediately before departing for their holiday.

Back to school: A new start after the school holidays not only for new students

Honestly now: have you kept on top of when which groups of students in which German counties are again being taught completely ‘normally’ and what the details are of the particular hygiene concepts? If you answered no, you are in good company, because there is no uniform approach being taken in Germany. This means that the individual states are each responsible for coordinating the process within their borders. Even if the ‘new normal’ at school had already been tested in several counties before the start of the summer holidays, some students are only returning the classroom on a daily basis with the start of the new school year. No wonder that many teachers and students are still uncertain regarding the concrete implementation of the hygiene concepts. To support these different groups, we are providing guides to download, written appropriately for each target group, about how to correctly wash and disinfect hands – for teachers, for (older) students and for young students/children. These can be printed out in colour or black and white on ecological friendly paper and used as posters or flyers.

Skin care in the time of the pandemic

In the urge to wash hands, it should not be forgotten that only intact skin can be effectively disinfected. To keep the body’s natural barrier intact despite frequent hand washing, the skin must be well protected and nourished. We therefore recommend – particularly in the current situation but also outside times of pandemic – specially coordinated skin care products and provide you with a detailed guide Protection & care for your hands as a poster download.