Research for infection protection

Optimal rub-in technique for hygienic hand disinfection

A hand disinfection’s success also depends on complete coverage of the hands. The reason: skin areas not sufficiently covered with hand disinfectant may be a risk of transmission and infection.

According to studies a predefined sequence of rub-in steps yields no good coverage results. Hence, hygiene experts have increasingly trusted in the responsible rub-in method. Also, the position paper of the German “AKTION Saubere Hände” (Clean Hands Campaign) recommends disinfecting hands independently of a defined sequence of steps.

Responsible rub-in method

Healthcare workers should take care themselves to keep their hands moist with hand disinfectant during the entire exposure time of 30 seconds and to thoroughly rub in the product – similarly to applying skin cream to the hands. Finger tips and thumbs are of particular importance: they are colonised with more microorganisms and most frequently come into contact with other people or objects during medical and nursing activities.

Important: The individual performance should be evaluated and improved regularly, for example using the fluorescence method.