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On 4 June 1965, the first bottles of Sterillium® rolled off the production line and changed the clinical, nursing and medical practice routine forever: Sterillium® was the world's first marketable alcoholic and even skin-caring hand disinfectant. In the 55 years since then, Sterillium® has become an integral part of hospitals and medical practices thanks to its constant innovative spirit. Even more: The name of the blue classic is today a synonym for hand disinfectants and Sterillium® a "Brand of the Century".

The lasting success of Sterillium® has many reasons. The most important can be counted on one hand: Because the chemistry is right, BODE, the manufacturing company of HARTMANN, has been relying on the same partners and suppliers for decades. This – together with compliance with the very highest production standards – guarantees reliability and consistently high-quality standards. Because the formulation is right, the basic formulation and its product-specific enhancements are still used today in the production of the Sterillium® range. The notable result of all this is the outstanding skin compatibility of Sterillium®. It has a decisive effect on the acceptance by the users and influences the compliance, i.e. the execution of hand disinfection according to the indications. International studies prove this outstanding skin compatibility. In addition, billions of positive experiences from all over the world have been made: Sterillium® is now available in more than 50 countries. Approximately 4 billion hand disinfections are performed with Sterillium® products every year. In contrast, approximately only 45 case reports of skin irritation have been reported yearly so far. Because questions always arise when using hand disinfectants under many different conditions, the BODE SCIENCE CENTER, HARTMANN's scientific centre of excellence for all issues regarding hygiene and infection prevention, provides competent support to all users: Today, anyone using Sterillium® not only has a safe hand disinfectant that has been tried and tested for decades at hand, but also a scientifically-proven, state-of-the-art all-round solution that can also be used to master new types of hygienic challenges.

Innovative for 55 years: Milestones in development

The innovations of the past years underline BODE/HARTMANN’s claim to always lead the way with Sterillium® in the field of hand disinfectants and to continue the success story that has lasted for more than half a century: Since this year, Sterillium® and Sterillium® classic pure with Sterillium® med for year-round use against noro- and adenoviruses. This is because both product variants are now also proven to be effective against these pathogens (spectrum of activity "limited virucidal PLUS"). Since 2019, Sterillium® pure on propanol basis is also available. It offers the proven skin care complex of Sterillium®, but does not contain perfumes, colorants or remanent substances. And for use at home and on the go, the comprehensive pharmacy range Sterillium® Protect & Care was launched in 2018.

Already in 2003, Sterillium® classic pure was launched as one of the first colorless and fragrance-free hand disinfectants. Since then, HARTMANN has been the market leader in the German disinfectant market with a share of over 50 percent of the hand products market. Two years later, the brand's innovation leadership was confirmed. In 2005, Sterillium® was the first hand disinfectant to be approved for surgical hand disinfection with a reduced exposure time of only 1.5 instead of 3 minutes. Ten years earlier, in 1995, Sterillium® Virugard®, the first virus-effective, alcoholic hand disinfectant, was the first product to be listed in the RKI list (area A + B).

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Five points that make Sterillium® unique

GimMe Five! - Five points that make Sterillium® unique

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55 years of Sterillium® – 55 years of success story and trust

55 years of Sterillium® – 55 years of success story and trust

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