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German: Wassergefährdungsklasse.
Water Hazard Class (WHC).

Classification is done in accordance with the German Regulation on Substances Hazardous to Water (VwVwS); WHC 1: slightly hazardous to water; WHC 2: hazardous to water; WHC 3: severely hazardous to water; and “Substances non-hazardous to water”. Preparations are classified on the basis of the mixture regulation or of test data.

The “Regulation for facilities for the storage, filling and handling of substances hazardous to water” (VAWS) applies to facilities handling substances hazardous to water.

Disinfectants may be found in all three classes: WHC 1 (alcohols, oxygen-releasing agents), WHC 2 (aldehyde-based and phenolic products), and WHC 3 (QAC).