Research for infection protection

Compliance with hand hygiene: knowledge is silver, feeling is golden

“For they don’t do, what they are knowing” – this could be the title of a film on compliance in hand hygiene. And it would not be a comedy, but rather a tragedy.Hand disinfection is considered the most important measure to...[more]

Interview: “We owe it to the users to do everything for skin health.”

Three questions to Prof. Dr. med. Hans Smola, Dermatologist, Professor Extraordinarius at the University of Cologne, Germany and Head of Med Science, PAUL HARTMANN AG
Many studies have proved: alcohol-based hand disinfection is...[more]

Abstract: Skincare effect of hand disinfection – an opportunity for compliance

Good hand hygiene compliance is the most effective protection against nosocomial infection. Alcohol-based hand disinfectants are considered state of the art here. And still old prejudices are tenacious: users often wonder if...[more]

Interview: “They simply wait too long”

Three questions to PD Dr. med. Sonja Christine Molin, Chief Physician at the Clinic and Polyclinic for Dermatology and Allergology of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany.
Initially harmless skin irritations can...[more]

Abstract: Healthy hands: successful strategies for daily routine

Hand eczemas are widely spread among health professionals and are often not taken seriously enough – also from those concerned.Diagnostically, there are three types, irritant (subtoxic-cumulative), allergic and atopic hand...[more]

Interview: “The unconscious attitudes and empathy are the decisive factors for hand hygiene behaviour.”

Three questions to Prof. Dr. Johannes Keller, Head of Social Psychology at the University of Ulm, Germany
There is a substantial gap between awareness of the importance of hand hygiene and action – compliance rates average out...[more]

Abstract: The gap between knowledge and action – it is the attitude that matters

Hand hygiene is the most effective and, at the same time, simplest measure to prevent infection. According to a study, this also is the opinion of 86 % of healthcare staff. 75 % even believe that good and consistent hand hygiene...[more]

Abstract: Skin diseases – the underestimated risk factor for nosocomial infection

One important key to stop the spread of nosocomial infection in general and MDR in particular, for example in hospitals, are targeted hygiene measures. Hand disinfection is the most important measure to prevent the transmission...[more]