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Expert Knowledge

Scientific competence – that’s what the BODE SCIENCE CENTER stands for. Hence, it regularly organises symposia with leading experts of differing fields of expertise, e.g. hospital hygiene, infectiology, dermatology, and psychology, to address, discuss and question current topics in research and practice directly relevant to clinical routine.

Here, you will find interesting abstracts of the presentations, exciting interviews and short videos of the presentations.

Digital infection control

The focus of BODE SCIENCE CENTER’s Lunchtime Symposium held on 12 October 2017 in Berlin was on: What contribution can eHealth solutions make to patient protection? Because health apps are not only increasingly used in private households, digital solutions also gain in significance in hospitals.

Patients, but also attending physicians and infection control practitioners benefit from new, digital applications. An integrated communication platform for chronically sick patients, for example, demonstrates how networking and transparency can improve the quality of health care. Several hospital apps focus on nosocomial infections, which every year affect around 500 000 patients in Germany. The BODE SCIENCE CENTER’s e-learning programme and eHealth app to observe hand hygiene behaviour shall improve hand hygiene, which is the most important individual measure to prevent nosocomial infection. Experience reports from clinics confirm the positive effect that digital applications have on the implementation of hygiene measures.

With our experts – PD Dr. Urs-Vito Albrecht, Prof. Dr. Klemens Budde, Dr. Heide Niesalla and Brigitte Rüstau – editors of the scientific trade press, representatives of major associations and political representatives discussed the possibilities and opportunities that the digitisation of health care has for Patient Protection 2.0.

New hygiene strategies

On the occasion of the European Antibiotic Awareness Day, the BODE SCIENCE CENTER organised a professional symposium on the subject “Pathogens resistant to antibiotics: new hygiene strategies along the patient journey” on 17 November 2016. The speakers shared their differing views of the same problem: the spectrum of resistant problem-causing germs becomes larger, while therapy options fade away. In Germany, every day, four to twelve people die of a preventable nosocomial infection. Particularly diseases caused by multidrug-resistant (MDR) pathogens carry a risk.

One decisive role in preventing MDR infections plays hygiene – hand hygiene is of vital importance here.
Read more about current insights into antibiotic resistances and their consequences for patients and new hygiene strategies to prevent infection.

Skin health

The BODE SCIENCE CENTER’s lunchtime symposium “Healthy skin – better infection protection. New findings on hand hygiene compliance” held in Berlin on 10 July 2015 introduced new findings on skin health, hand disinfection and patient protection. The symposium’s focus was on the human factor and why there is such a wide gap between the awareness of the importance of hand disinfection and the actual action.

It was discussed how social psychology can help improve compliance and why the skin health of nursing staff is so important for good compliance and with it the prevention of nosocomial infection. Furthermore, the speakers provided practical tips on how to best prevent skin irritations when working in health professions and what those suffering from hand eczema can do.

Simple processes – improved hygiene

The BODE SCIENCE CENTER’s lunchtime symposium “Simple Processes – Improved Hygiene. New research results to protect patients in daily hospital routine” held on 19 September 2013 in Berlin introduced new findings on patient safety.

Central issue was a joint intervention study conducted by the BODE SCIENCE CENTER and the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf to improve patient protection during the insertion of peripheral venous catheters. The study offers a promising approach to making hygiene-relevant processes more intuitive and easier.

Members of the medical trade press and the speakers – Prof. Dr. Frank Martin Brunkhorst, Prof. Dr. Günter Kampf and Joachim Prölß – discussed new ways to optimise work processes in health care.

Hospital-acquired infection and hand hygiene – risks and perspectives

Safe hand hygiene with the correct technique: the first of BODE SCIENCE CENTER’s lunchtime symposia focused on the responsible rub-in technique. A good compliance as well as the knowledge and implementation of the “5 Moments for Hand Disinfection” are essential factors for the success of hygienic hand disinfection, which has been proven to be the most important measure to prevent nosocomial infection in healthcare facilities. However, it is also of crucial importance for patient protection to completely cover the skin with disinfectant.

Our experts – Prof. Dr. Gastmeier, Prof. Dr. Kampf and Prof. Dr. Kaulfers – questioned common standards, went into the chances of hand disinfection for infection control as well as into current problem-causing pathogens.