Research for infection protection

App-to-date hospital – digital solutions that enhance patient safety

Counting steps, monitoring calories, analysing sleep and optimising breathing: health apps that shall promote general health consciousness and strengthen fitness are popular with Germans. Every second smart phone owner uses at...[more]

Interview: “eHealth gets to the core of the German healthcare system”

Three questions to PD Dr. Urs-Vito Albrecht, Deputy Head of the Institute for Medical Informatics, Hanover Medical School, Germany.
In terms of digitisation, the German healthcare system is lagging behind – what are the...[more]

Abstract: Totally digital: What can healthcare systems expect from the mega trend of eHealth?

Smart mobile technologies and various forms of digital solutions are very popular in all areas of everyday life. Thanks to being mobile, they are “always there” and seamlessly and unobtrusively become part of the users’ lives....[more]

Interview: “Real-time treatment thanks to a new eHealth platform for chronically sick patients”

Three questions to Prof. Dr. Klemens Budde, Senior Physician, Specialist for Internal Medicine and Nephrology, Hypertensiology DHL, Campus Charité Mitte, University Medicine Berlin, Germany.
Your digital project MACSS (Medical...[more]

Abstract: App-timised patient protection: best possible care of chronically sick patients

In Germany, 43 % of women and 38 % of men – and counting – suffer from a chronic disease. At the same time, the requirements for the German healthcare system become more challenging, as the treatment regimen requires close...[more]

Interview: “We want to further advance infection control with modern instruments”

Three questions to Dr. Heide Niesalla, Head of BODE SCIENCE CENTER, Hamburg, Germany.
Your objective is to leverage the potentials of eHealth in the field of infection control with digital solutions. Where do you see the...[more]

Abstract: Training, observing, communicating: eHealth in infection control

Nosocomial infections (NIs), the majority of which is preventable, are a global problem and an enormous challenge for the hygiene management in hospitals. In European acute-care hospitals, the average prevalence of NI is 7.1 %....[more]

Interview: “This data quality also convinces chief physicians”

Three questions to Brigitte Rüstau, Infection Control Nurse, Medizin Campus Bodensee GmbH, Germany.
Hygiene and infection protection become increasingly important for clinics and even relevant to their budget. Can an app help to...[more]

Abstract: Fully captured: how digital data motivate employees to perform hygiene

Three clinics, 14 competence centres and a total of 34 082 hospitalised patients and almost 65 000 outpatients in 2016: Medizin Campus Bodensee GmbH stands for the linking of medical competences while attaching foremost...[more]