Research for infection protection
Skin and Body

Skin antisepsis and MRSA decolonisation for infection protection

The skin is the natural barrier to external and internal impacts. Any procedure penetrating this protective cover carries the inherent danger of infection. Systematic skin antisepsis can prevent a bacterial spread into the body, thus protecting patients against infections.

In case the skin or mucous membranes are cut through, e.g. during surgeries or when getting injured, antiseptic preparations prevent germs from penetrating into deeper layers of the skin. Due to their quick, comprehensive effect and their good skin compatibility, alcohol-based products such as Cutasept® F and Cutasept® G are mainly used for skin antisepsis. Both products combine high initial reduction of microorganisms with a broad spectrum of effect, and have stood the test in clinics, care and primary health care for decades.

The Stellisept® range of products, specially designed for antiseptic hand and body cleansing, also features rapid action and a broad spectrum of effect.

In-vitro and in-vivo studies prove the general, bactericidal activity of all Stellisept® med products. Additionally, the spectrum of effect comprises the activity against national epidemic MRSA strains and clinical MRSA isolates. All surveys have been carried out according to European efficacy criteria, and all Stellisept® med preparations meet the standards required by EN 1499 and EN 13727.

The antiseptic cleansing preparations are available as RINSE-OFF or as LEAVE-ON products.