Research for infection protection

Safe reprocessing of surgical instruments and flexible endoscopes

Patient and staff protection as well as the long-term maintenance of the devices’ value are central to professional reprocessing of contaminated instruments.

Manufacturers of instrument disinfectants need to adapt their products to the instruments’ state of the art and to the respective risk of infection. Pathogens such as Clostridioides difficile or prions, for instance, place increased demands on the chemicals used. Flexible endoscopes and fine, narrow-lumen MIS instruments pose a particular challenge here.

At the same time, disinfectant cleaners need to do their bit to achieve the required validation of reprocessing procedures. One example is the Dismoclean® twin zyme/basic system for chemothermal reprocessing. The two-component system is suitable for all heat-resistant medical devices, thus saving time and effort spent on validation.

The Korsolex® Endo system for reprocessing endoscopes, which has proved itself countless times in practice, has been reviewed extensively: as many as four surveys conducted in accordance with the requirements of the DGKH and the DIN EN ISO 15883-4 demonstrate that the system yields a total reduction of  9 log10 steps during reprocessing.