Research for infection protection

Required efficacy SARS-CoV-2: efficacy against enveloped viruses

All BODE/HARTMANN disinfection products for hands (Sterillium range), skin, surface (Bacillol range, Kohrsolin range, Mikrobac range, Dismozon range) and instruments (Bomix plus, Korsolex range) fulfill the requirements of efficacy against enveloped viruses and can be used.

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Use disinfectants carefully. Always read label and product information before use.

Concerted hand hygiene for good compliance

The increasing number of nosocomial infections in hospitals and care facilities is one of the largest challenges health care has to face globally. About one third of these infections could be prevented by systematic hand disinfection.

However, when actually indicated, only every other hand disinfection is carried out in practice. Studies show, that skin-friendly hand disinfectants may increase compliance significantly. Additionally, healthy skin contributes to compliance. Even the smallest cracks in the skin lead to a burning sensation when using hand disinfectants and complicate their proper application. Hence, skin protection also is infection protection and essential in preventing nosocomial infections.

The skin-friendly, highly efficient hand disinfectants of the Sterillium® range satisfy all requirements for comprehensive infection protection – from the classic Sterillium® with its special skincare complex and long-term tolerance, which has proved itself for more than 40 years, the colourant and fragrance-free Sterillium® classic pure to the ethanol-based products Sterillium® med and Sterillium® Virugard®, the first hand disinfectant listed by the RKI for activity area B (viruses).

The Baktolan® and Baktolin® ranges of hand care, skin protection and hand cleansing products balance the skin stresses caregivers’ hands are exposed to with different premium substances and formulas matching the individual skin conditions.

Together with the Peha-soft® examination gloves and the Peha-taft® surgical gloves, these products provide a complete Hand Hygiene System covering all application areas of hand hygiene. All parts of the system have been reviewed extensively – a number of selected products have even been tested for their compatibility.