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Scientific expertise

Hygiene and infection prevention

We question valid standards and contribute to developing new ones.
All in the spirit of our corporate history:

Surgical hand disinfection: We set a new standard for surgical hand disinfection by shortening the exposure time from 3 minutes to 1.5 minutes.

Self-dependent hand disinfection: A further study showed that self-dependent hand rubbing achieved a significant increase in hand hygiene in contrast to the fixed six steps method.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for nursing and medical activities: SOPs that incorporate hand disinfection and other hygiene-relevant steps enable staff to implement hygiene recommendations much more effectively.


Hygiene und Infektionsschutz   Chirurgische Händedesinfektion   Poster SOP

Collaboration with opinion leaders

Studies for infection prevention

Our focus is on the development of evidence-based practical solutions. Therefore, research projects are carried out in close cooperation with partners from clinical practice, for example with the UKE in Hamburg, Germany or the Charité Berlin, Germany.


Patientenzimmer   Poster Study   BMC

Developing practical solutions

Apps for smart hygiene in everyday routines

SOPs are an important tool for ensuring reproducible quality and improving processes. They can also contribute to improving patient safety. Our app "My Hygiene SOP" helps to define, observe and analyse SOPs. It is based on feedback from practice and contains predefined processes for common nursing and medical measures that can be individually adapted as needed. The SOPs provided with the App were developed in cooperation with experts from practice and comply with evidence-based recommendations such as WHO, CDC or RKI.

The "Observe" app supports infection prevention and control staff in evaluating hygiene compliance via smartphone or tablet and providing timely feedback on the ward.

Die App „Observe“ hilft Hygienefachkräften dabei, die Händehygiene-Compliance via Smartphone oder Tablet zu erfassen und auszuwerten.

Die so gewonnenen Daten können dann als direktes Feedback auf der Station verwendet werden.

Smartphone oder Tablet

Observe     SOP    

Expert advice

100,000 questions, 100,000 answers

The high demand for knowledge on effective infection prevention is reflected in the figures from our specialist advice team. Over the past 10 years, our team has answered more than 100,000 questions from professionals.

The team in the SCIENCE CENTER advises our customers on

  • hygiene management

  • application of products

  • prevention measures

  • clinically relevant pathogens

  • ...
Contact +49 (0)40 54006-111

Mon - Thu: 8 am to 4:30 pm
Fri: 8 am to 3 pm

Practice-related news

Latest trends & tips

Our magazine DISINFACTS and our newsletter are important information media. In it, we report on general disinfection and hygiene topics and take up current developments, most recently seen in the example of the Corona pandemic. Right at the beginning of the pandemic, we reported on the importance of the needed requirements for infection prevention.


DISINFACTS Vaccination against COVID-19 Vaccination against COVID-19
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Our web portal

Comprehensive knowledge platform

Our website is a comprehensive knowledge portal with well founded information on infection prevention and control. Here you will find:

  • pathogen search from A to Z
  • informative articles on hand and surface hygiene, skin antisepsis, and the reprocessing of medical devices
  • inspiring training films
  • FAQs that tackle practical questions
  • a concentrate calculator that assists in the preparation of ready-to-use solutions of disinfectants & cleaning agents
  • ...
knowledge platformknowledge platform

Fact sheets and informative posters

Action made easy

We facilitate hygiene-relevant action with well-designed, clear fact sheets and posters: on diverse topics such as the proper donning and removal of personal protective equipment (PPE), hygienic vaccination or on the correct handling of surface disinfectants.



Training materials and films

High didactic and technical quality

Our materials on hygiene and infection prevention are characterised by a high level of scientific quality. The materials include certified eLearning tools for hand hygiene and training films dedicated to highly-relevant topics:

  • hygienic hand disinfection

  • hand disinfection for patients and visitors

  • multidrug-resistant organisms (MROs)

  • ...

Video - Film

Expert interviews and symposia

Information for professionals

We are in constant dialogue with experts who provide us with relevant suggestions for our clients' everyday practice.

For this purpose, we conduct interviews with experts, e.g. on occupational safety, the correct use of respirators or the reprocessing of medical devices.

Our expert symposia with renowned representatives from research and practice address current topics. In addition, we visit prominent national and international events such as the International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control (ICPIC) - both as an audience and a catalyst for ideas.


Gespräch mit Expertinnen und ExpertenExpert/Innen aus aller Welt

International and national engagement

Participation in associations and initiatives

We support major international and national campaigns and initiatives such as the WHO's "World Hand Hygiene Day" and Aktion Saubere Hände, a nationwide campaign to improve hand hygiene compliance in German healthcare institutions. Other significant efforts include our participation in the WHO's CLEAN HOSPITALS initiative, respectively.

WHO's CLEAN HOSPITALS initiativehand hygiene compliance in German

10 Years of Science Center: Research, Consulting, Knowledge Transfer, Tools & Trainings

Protecting people from infections: This is what the HARTMANN GROUP stands for as an internationally committed and sought-after player for the healthcare sector. On the one hand, as a provider of effective healthcare products, such as hand and surface disinfectants; on the other hand, as a supplier of research know-how and interdisciplinary developed solutions around infection prevention and control.

The basis for scientific expertise from within the HARTMANN GROUP: the in-house BODE SCIENCE CENTER. Under the new name of HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER, it will continue to stand for...

...Research: In collaboration with internationally renowned opinion leaders from research and practice.
...Knowledge transfer: Study results, guidelines and recommendations are translated into comprehensible publications and illustrative information documents.
...Solutions: New findings inspire new standards and practical solutions for infection prevention and control.
...Trainings: High-quality training and eLearning tools anchor new ways of working in daily practice.
...Expert advice: Information about disinfection, product application and infection prevention and control on the phone and via email.

Active infection prevention at a high professional level that benefits health care professionals, patients and their relatives equally.

The new name HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER reflects the shared mission and passion at HARTMANN to drive forward practical and therefore effective solutions for the healthcare sector – entirely in the sense of infection prevention.

Research for infection protection.







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