Research for infection protection

Scientific center of excellence for disinfection and infection protection

Protecting people from infections: This is what the HARTMANN GROUP stands for as an internationally committed and sought-after player for the healthcare sector. 

The basis for scientific expertise from within the HARTMANN GROUP: the in-house BODE SCIENCE CENTER. Under the new name of HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER, it will continue to stand for...

...Research: In collaboration with internationally renowned opinion leaders from research and practice.
...Knowledge transfer: Study results, guidelines and recommendations are translated into comprehensible publications and illustrative information documents.
...Solutions: New findings inspire new standards and practical solutions for infection prevention and control.
...Trainings: High-quality training and eLearning tools anchor new ways of working in daily practice.
...Expert advice: Information about disinfection, products and infection control on the phone and via email.

The new name HARTMANN SCIENCE CENTER reflects the shared mission and passion at HARTMANN to drive forward practical and therefore effective solutions for the healthcare sector – entirely in the sense of infection prevention.

Research for infection protection.